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to PortofinoPedregal Condo Complex from Airport
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If you are coming from the airport in a rental car, these directions will help you get to our Condo Complex. The route is very direct to where we are located in the foothills of the Pedregal, but as you come close to the complex, street names change, and can become a little confusing. Follow these steps, and take note of the photos provided, and you will be fine. If you take a taxi, simply print these directions off, and hand them to the taxi driver. If you or the driver encounter any problems or have any questions while en route, do not hesitate to contact Brooke on her Mexican Cell Phone at 624.157.2820.

  1. Arriving from the San Jose del Cabo International Airport you will want to exit the airport and follow the highway towards Cabo San Lucas. This is a toll road, and you can expect to pay about $2.50 or 30 pesos.
  2. After the toll road you will turn right onto Highway 1, towards Cabo San Lucas. This ride will take 30-40 minutes.
  3. You’ll know you are getting close when you start to see Home Depot and Costco – take a look to your left and you’ll see the famous “Arch.”
  4. You are going to follow Highway 1 right into town, and it becomes “Lazaro Cardenas” (although no signs state that) all the way through town. (You’ll see McDonald’s on your left, and Squid Roe on your right… Make a mental note to stay away from both.)
  5. As you begin to head up into the foothills of the Pedregal, Lazaro Cardenas turns into a one way street, and this is when you know you are getting close to our Portofino Condo Complex. As you begin to climb up hill, you’ll see a sign on your left that says Cabo Viejo. Just past that, you’ll see a small blue sign on your left that says “Pedregal.” Take a left there, and you will notice the road has turned into a stone surface and become a bumpy ride. Follow this road up to the left, until you get to the security gate, which is next to the Colegio El Camino Private School. [If you miss that particular turn, not to worry, you can take the next left on a street called Camino El Colegio/Constitucion – both will take you up into the foothills of the Pedregal neighborhood, and to the security Guardhouse/Gate. See pictures 1-3 below.
  6. Tell the security guard you are staying at Portofino Condo Complex. They may ask you for some information and hand you some paperwork. Portofino is the first big white complex you see on the left hand side. There are two garages, please use the garage on the left and park in either 61 or 62 spots. Those are reserved for you.
  7. A representative from RedRum will be there at the base of the units to check you in, and introduce you to all the condos have to offer.
  8. Should you get lost on your way, and unable to reach Brooke, please call the RedRum office locally at Mexican # 624.172.0085 or U.S. # 760-481-7667. Not to worry, we haven’t lost anyone yet! Welcome to Cabo!

Note… due to confusion in translation, some taxi drivers have been known to confuse our Portofino Condo Complex with the nearby Portofino Hotel. Showing them these directions, and pointing this out, can help avoid any confusion. See picture 4 below.

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