Welcome Letter from Brooke, our Property Manager…

As your trip approaches I'll need the following information from you:

1. What is your flight arrival information including airline and flight number?

2. What is your flight departure information including airline and flight number?

3. What form of transportation are you taking from the airport to the Portofino Condos?  (See our recommendations below)

4. How many individuals and couples are staying in the condo? (This is so we know whether to put twin beds or king beds in each bedroom.)

5. What is a cell phone number we can reach you at upon arrival – if need be?

6. Which, if any, food & beverage packages, would you like us to provide before your arrival? (See Options below)

Transportation from Airport

You will need to take a taxi, a shuttle, or rent a car to get from the airport to our PortofinoCPedregal Complex. We do not provide transportation. The trip from the SJD airport to our property is about 45 minutes direct. Depending on how many people you are traveling with, taxis are the most cost-effective for up to 4 people – charging approximately $85 each way. If you are travelling with more than 4 people, pre-arranged transportation can be more cost-effective and comfortable at an approximate rate of $125 each way. Rental car rates vary, and if you would prefer to rent a car to travel around Cabo and the surrounding area, we can recommend a reliable rental agency.  If you do not intend to do a lot of travelling outside of Cabo, a rental car is not necessary.

Trans Lobo Transportation

If you are someone that prefers confirmed arrangements before you arrive, we recommend booking your airport transportation with Arturo at Trans Lobo. You can easily contact him by email at translobo@gmail.com, and make your own arrangements before you depart. His team of drivers knows the exact location of the PortofinoPedregal Complex and will get you here in comfort; you can even pre-arrange beverages for the ride!

Airport Taxi Service

If you choose to take a taxi, we recommend you PRINT OUT the directions included on our site. They are in both English and Spanish, and include pictures, so the driver will know exactly how to get to the PortofinoPedregal complex. If the taxi or driver gets lost, have them call the Portofino Pedregal Guard Station at 624.105.1902 or Brooke Donovan at 624.157.2820 for directions. But you should be fine with the directions we have provided.

Arrival at our Complex

I or one of my associates will be at the complex to greet you upon your arrival. We will take time to familiarize you with everything in our condo, and answer any questions you might have. You will find a binder in the condo filled with things to do, recommended restaurants, directions to the closest grocery store in the area and fun places to go in the Los Cabo area.

We recommend you check out all the information on our web site and Facebook page before you depart. We can answer any further questions, or make recommendations when you arrive.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Bro Property Management